Here is a small selection of the teak furniture we stock. If there is anything on this page that you like please make a note of the number on the image and then give us a ring on either 0800 677 6374 or 07500 391749

a_tableset_1a_tableset_2a_tableset_3  a_tableset_4a_tableset_5a_tableset_6a_table1a_table2a_treebench a_bench1a_benchandtablea_bench2 a_lounger a_chair a_lounger1a_tableset_7a_lounger2 a_tableset_8 a_tableset_9a_tableset_10 a_tableset_11 a_tableset_12 a_tableset_13a_treebench_2a_tableset_25a_tableset_26a_tableset_27a_tableset_28a_tableset_29bench_30bench_31bench_32